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        Yes they have arrived the Royal Solar Lamp Posts be one of the first to display them at your home and in your garden enjoy that magic moment under these solar-powered lamps.                                                                                                                                                                      

They Just have that class appeal

Royal Solar Lamp Post

Incredible Beauty

Design your garden landscape with our Royal Solar Lamp Posts.
Distinctive Looks


They can be installed on pillars, fences, or any exterior walls. Using our patented cone reflector technology, this classic design solar lantern with super bright white LEDs will safely light your entry, elegantly enhance your home, and impress your neighbors.

See the full range at now.


Solar Walkway Lighting

Have you arrived home late at night and it is so dark you cannot see where you are going well here is the answer walkway, driveway solar lighting when you place them along the edges of your pathway or driveway you will get that airport runway look, you will never again end up walking or driving in your garden beds and destroying your gardens you have worked so hard at.

Solar walkway lights are not expensive apart from the initial costs running them is free because they are charged by the sun during the day and will provide light at night when you need them They will help you safely to your front or back door.

When added to your driveway approaching your garage door is a breeze no more hit and miss like running over your lawn or garden beds especially driveways that have curves or corners.

If you think these solar walkway lights would be useful at your place please visit for more information

How would Solar Lights look in your garden the choices you have now can enhance that look even more, make the right choice and you will have a garden not only family and friends will enjoy but everyone who passes your property will as well.

If your garden looks beautiful during the day why not make it looks just as good at night


Give your garden that extra feature it deserves solar lights.

Solar Shed Lights

The Crown Solar Light

Light when you need it the most.

The Light Saver At Night

Have you ever been caught out at night looking for something and you realize it is in your storage or garden shed.

Yes, well I must confess it has happen to me on several occasions and you know how difficult it is to try and locate that item and hold the torch at the same time it is a real pain.

Well here is the good news the problem can now be solved with the Solar Shed Light when you install one of these it will turn your shed into a more functional place especially on dark cloudy days and night

This great idea also has extra benefits after the initial cost of the unit the cost to run is zero because you are using the sun energy to power your light with no electrical wires to install and the easy installation on all types of material this is a purchase that will save you time and time again..

For further information please visit Solarlightsdomain for specification and prices.

New Solar Light Range

There will be a new range of Solar Lights

Royal Solar Lamp Post Light

The Royal just Beautiful

 due for release in September not only do these lights look fantastic they will look great in and around your home and garden.

Prices have not been released however you will be one of the first to see them on my website

That special appeal

Go Green with our Imperial Solar Lantern

 I hope you find these Post lights awesome like I do.

Solarlightdomain can help you achieve the look you want for your home and garden.

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